9 07 2010

Going to get my new surfboard soon! and get some more footy from Santa Cruz


Whats New

8 07 2010

So last Winter I jut got my first High Definition camcorder. (Canon Hf20) I was able to get it for a little over $500 but it is retailed at around $800. I am very impressed with it so far and its very small making it easy to carry. I would definitely recommend getting it or its newer model. With the camcorder I bought the video editing system Pinnacle Studios 14. It is a very fun and easy system. It does takes a while to tweak the setup and display but once you do it, its fine. For first time video edititers like myself I would also recommend it. But it does have some limits making the other video editing systems like Final Cut or Adobe Premier seems better. So if you really think your going to get into video editing I wouldn’t go with Pinnacle. imo. Also the videos from my Video Page are all from my Canon Hf20.

New Vids and Pics!

8 07 2010

I got some of my videos and pictures up. So check them out! I also have recently posted my new video of my trip down to Laguna Beach, CA for the West Coast Championship of Skimboarding (WCS)

first day blogging!

8 07 2010

Today is my first day blogging. In time i will be posting some videos and pictures of Surfing and Skimboarding.